(PL)DXF 5mm 2S 6300mAh 7.6V 140C GOLDEN-NGP Batteria Lipo ad Alta Capacità Hardcase con XT90 Spina per 1:8 Scala RC Auto, Multi-Rotore RC Aeroplano, RC Elicottero, RC Barca

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Size: 1PCS 7.6V 6300MAH NGP
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DXF 5mm 2S 6300mAh 7.6V 140C GOLDEN-NGP Batteria Lipo ad Alta Capacità Hardcase con XT


About DXF:

DXF is one battery brand of Shenzhen SKT Technology Co., Ltd Company founded in 2016, is a leading manufacturer of RC LiPo Battery based on Shenzhen China.DXF Batteries offer an excellent value by providing factory direct pricing and quality that meets or exceeds that of other major battery manufacturers. All of DXF batteries comply with RoHS and CE quality testing standards.DXF  only  use Grade A cell.  DXF which is the Fans hobbyking town. DXF will support you ultimate experience service.

Key Point:

- Stable automatic stacking technology enables single-cell capacities .
- Higher capacity during heavy discharge. More than 90% at 100% C rate.
- Fast charge capable, up to 5C on some batteries.
- Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.

- Friendly after-sales support and after-sales guarantee.


Parameter Description:


Model Number:DXF 6300 2S-GOLDEN-NGP
Capacity :6300mAh
Voltage:7.6V / 2-Cell / 2S2P
Discharge Rate:140C Continual /280C Burst
Charge Rate:5C Max
Weight :240g (Including wire and connector)
Output Connector:XT60/EC5/TRX/Deans/XT90/XT150/XT90S
Balance Connector:JST / XH

Warm Reminder:


1. Before using it, please full charge it with specific lipo balance charger;
2. Charge lipo battery no more than 4.20V per cell. As for battery pack in series, Please choose balance charging mode or charge each cell respectively;
3. Charging temperature must range in 15-35 Celsius, reverse charging is prohibited;
4. The voltage difference between any two cells should be in 0.03V, or charge is advised to balance the voltages beforeusage;
5. Please make sure the cut-off voltage is not lower than 3.4V, we highly recommend not lower than 3.6V;
6. Never discharge battery with current over the designed maximum continuous discharging current. After over current discharge, the performance will be deteriorated and cycle life will be shortened, causing overheating and even welling ,breakage, internal short-circuited etc;
7. If the surface temperature exceeds 65 Celsius while functioning, the battery should be suspended using until it cool down to ambient temperature naturally. Higher temperature may result int battery swelling and performance;
8. Do regularly charge discharge for maintenance(about 1-3 times every 3 months),battery must stored at about 3.85v/cell;
9. Do store battery at a place with low-humidity and free from corrosive gas within the temperature ranged from -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius
10. Under any circumstances dis-assembly of battery is prohibited.

11.Normally The shipping company pay the import tax fee, you do not need warranty about the import fee. if the custom still create the tax fee, Our company like to pay it .


Package Information:


1PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR
2PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR
3PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR
4PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR
5PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR
6 PCS 2S2P 7.6V 6300mah 140COR









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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Matthew Lee Trusty
These do not fit in some fixed stock rifles.

I have bought products from this brand before and they worked fine. My new batch some would not charge when the others would.

Roy Harris III
Great Value for the money

Works good, no need to solder ‘Deans Clip’, ready for Fun right out of the box … very pleased with this purchase … I usually buy ‘Thunder Power’, but I have purchased more ‘dxf’ and will again …

Jeremy P.
Love these batteries

Own multiple dxf batteries and they’re great for the money. No complaints.

Great batteries for the price

They charge quickly and last a good amount of time. I'd say they last about 3-5 minutes less than my 3000 mah Spektrum smart battery. But you can get two of these for the price of one Spektrum

Shawn Z.
Ordered 2 batteries and am having a problem with one cell in one of the packs

I ordered these to replace an older spectrum battery. Ran 10 to 15 cycles through both batteries and today was charging both of them up so I could fly and one of the cells just don't want to take a charge. I have a VisionAire rc plane I use them in and have enjoyed the power they pack and changed my flight time from 4 to 10 min. I don't know how to get ahold of the manufacturer to see if they will warranty it dan won't because it past their 30 day period. I don't have anything bad to say about the company . I own many of their batteries . I have a set for another one of my planes from them that should be here today. Hopefully I hear from them this is the first problem I've had with their product. I still recommend what they sell. Nowadays it's expected to have problems with some products and that's OK if they stand behind the product. Nothing bad happened I still went and flew for 10 min instead of 20. I wasn't going to even try to run the bad battery

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