DXF TEAM Sponsorship:

Driver will be provided with a choice of the free of charge every 12 months:

Any further requirements will be supplied at 50% off the RRP.

Driver Requirements

  1. Drivers should contact by email only their team manager steve hou

 (houjinfeng@dxf-power.com ) for any concerns regarding product or team issues.

  1. Drivers will not discuss any part of their contract with anyone.
  2. Drivers will always promote DXF and associated companies in a positive way and will try and increase products sales for DXF through racing success and social media.
  3. Drivers will have a professional attitude, be polite and respectful and display good sportsmanship. Remember as a driver you are a representative of DXF and any associated companies and will conduct all activities in a professional manner while at races, using social media or other industry functions.
  4. Drivers will not criticize other manufacturers, their products, their staff or race officials.
  5. Drivers will help fellow teammates, customers or potential new customers.
  6. Drivers will provide photos, race results, social media coverage, videos, etc.
  7. Drivers will practice and race with only DXF Batteries  unless prior written approval has been obtained. If DXF does not manufacture a battery or make available products for a certain class, or an event a driver may use the battery of their choice with prior written approval.
  8. Violent, illegal or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of this contract.
  9. In the unlikely event of any problems, both parties agree to discuss them and make their best effort to resolve the problems.
  10. Drivers will only use this discount for their own personal use, Driver will not use their discount to acquire batteries or equipment for anyone else and Driver will not sell for profit any of the equipment acquired through this sponsorship.
  11. Drivers are responsible for the care and maintenance of all supplied Products and should ensure Products are always in good working order - Products shall be used only in accordance with acceptable use for racing purposes - Driver shall not do anything to intentionally damage, abuse or misuse the Products or DXF Brands in any way. Batteries should be charged, balanced and stored in accordance with DXF instructions. DXF shall not be liable for any damage, loss or destruction of any kind including personal harm, property or equipment.

Driver Image

  1. Drivers are requested to display any supplied DXF decals (or substitutes if a driver wants personalised decals made) on the vehicle in order to clearly identify DXF as a sponsor.
  2. Any DXF supplied apparel is encouraged to be kept clean and worn on race days and in any photos for social media.

Driver's Race Report

  1. Drivers will submit a race report after every race no matter how big or small the race was, including club days.
  2. If Driver finishes in the top 3, the driver must submit a track photo and podium photo. These items must be submitted within 3 days after the race. This information is key in promoting DXF and helping the team to be successful.


Term of Contract

12 months from signing.


You can contact us through the link below or email to sales@dxf-power.com , leave us your message(your country,the number/type of battery you want to inquiry ), we will contact you ASAP.

Steve Hou

Whatsapp: +8618665961962 Steve hou
E-mail: houjinfeng@dxf-power.com
Skype: houjinfeng210

Jark Zha
whatsapp: +8613938484393 Jark zha
E-mail: Jark.zha@dxf-power.com

Annie Huang
Whatsapp: +8618589021916 Annie huang
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annie.huang.50746444
E-mail: annie.huang@dxf-power.com